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   When Ken Davis began his career as a small-town radio DJ, little did he know he’d later be held at gunpoint by a world-famous music producer, have a midnight encounter with a notorious serial killer, or unexpectedly come across the lifeless body of a legendary Hollywood bombshell. Along the way, he had unforgettable experiences with everyone from Barack Obama to Walter Cronkite to Sting.   


    These are but a few of the many exclusive adventures in Davis’s memoir about his colorful Emmy-award-winning career in television. But this is much more than a “tell-all” book filled with juicy anecdotes about famous people. It’s a down-to-earth and often humorous story of a man who must juggle his family and his “mistress” while trying to overcome adversity, ethical dilemmas, and an industry going through relentless change. 


    Prepare to go behind the closed doors of one of the most enjoyable, harrowing, and seductive industries in the world. Once you hop In Bed with Broadcasting, you may love her or you may want to run for cover—but you will never forget her.



A rare chance to really look behind the veil and see what truly goes on behind the scenes

from someone who was actually there to see it all.

Sam Rubin, KTLA-TV



A thrill ride through journalism and our cultural history

.Josh Mankiewicz

Network news correspondent


Ken has more stories than anyone I know!







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